12 Panel Collection Cup (x25 - $3.50/cup)
12 Panel Collection Cup (x100 - $3.50/cup)
Temperature Strip Collection Cup
Gloves (Small)
Gloves (Medium)
Gloves (X-Large)
Gloves (Large)
Spec Commode Collection Pans
Specimen Bags
CAL Toxicology Requisitions
CAL Office Supply Kit
Quantisal Saliva Collection Device
Patient Consent Forms
Name and DOB Labels
Instant Pregnancy Tests ($.80 per strip)
Latex free Tourniquet
21 Gauge Needles
22 Gauge Needles
Alcohol prep pads
(EDTA) Lavender Top Blood Tube
(No Additive) Red Top Blood Tube
(Citrate) Light Blue Top Blood Tube
(SST) Gold top Blood Tube
(Heparin) Green Top Blood Tube
Transfer Tubes
IV set with Butterfly
Large Glove
Medium Glove
Small Glove
Band Aid
Cotton Balls
Flex Bandage
Gauze Tape
Hand Sanitizer
Disinfectant Wipe
Sharp Disposal 5 Quart
Sharp Disposal 1 Quart
Ammonia Inhalant
Medicare ABN Forms
Tristate Clinical Requisitions
Patient Consent Forms
Name and DOB Labels
CAL Tube Guide - Wall Hanging
Order of Draw Guide
Disposable Pipette
Individual PGX Kit
E Swabs
Mini E Swabs
Fecal Swabs
Spec Commode Pans
Cervical Brush w/ Pap Vial
CSF Tube
Uro Panel Collection Guide
35 Swab Collection Guide
GI/Pylori Swab Collection Guide
M Panel Collection Guide
R Swab Collection Guide
W Swab Vaginal Collection Guide
W Swab Urethra Collection Guide
Infectious Disease Requisitions
Throat Swab Collection Guide
PCR Collection Guide
Sterile Urine C and S Straw Kit
Printer Paper
HP CF226X Compatible Toner Cartridge
HP CF412X Yellow Toner Cartridge
HP CF413X Magenta Toner Cartridge
Brother 660 Toner Cartridge
Replacement Brother DR-630 Printer Drum
Saturday Return Labels
Clinical Boxes
Thermal Shippers
Ice Packs
FedEx Shipping Bags
FedEx Shipping Labels
Courier Shipping Bags
Frozen Specimen Cooler

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