Client Services

CAL Laboratory is dedicated to a patient-focused and physician centered approach, a philosophy we incorporate into every element of our services. We focus on understanding our clients' needs, making sure our solutions are organized to fit those needs and providing exceptional customer service.

The accuracy and timeliness of your results are of the highest importance. Our three-tiered quality assurance process ensures the accuracy of your patient results. Our laboratory representative are dedicated to understanding the unique needs of their clients and ensuring the service they receive provides the highest level of satisfaction. In addition, our Client Courtesy Line provides access to a live team of our in-house laboratory experts, dedicated to providing immediate assistance in addressing any requests, questions or results interpretation.

Commitment to Compliance

CAL Laboratory is a dedicated and responsible steward of Federal, State and private health care funds. Our primary objective is to empower health care providers with superior and actionable data that improves clinical outcomes and minimizes cost. Our goal is to create a culture of strict regulatory compliance throughout our organization. CAL Laboratory works diligently to ensure that our practices comply with and exceed requirements of applicable federal, state, and local laws. All employees, officers, and equity holders share the responsibility of compliance with federal, state, local laws pertaining to the regulation of Medicare and Medicaid contractors.

CAL Laboratory strives to be an exemplary corporate citizen. Specifically designed for our laboratory, the compliance program is composed of several components designed to: educate and prevent, audit and correct, and anonymously report. The Compliance Officer and Compliance Committee oversee the overall compliance program including a comprehensive training program that instills legal and ethical standards specific to the healthcare industry.

At Glance

  • Annual mandatory employee training on applicable laws and regulations – including HIPPA and Blood Bourne Pathogens training.
  • Routine audits to insure compliance with all federal & state healthcare regulations